Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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  1. Jo Lynne & Joe: Yes, we have many great memories, and lots of photos, of family vacations. We went to national parks, state parks, camping, hiking, road trips, and more, always on a frugal budget, and in an old car. Our two kids remember games we played on road trips, like counting out-of-state license plates, etc. We taught them geography and geology, biology, environmental stewardship, etc. while we spent time bonding outdoors. Funny, how we got along so well on trips that I often wished vacations would last a bit longer!
    Once in awhile we shared an affordable hotel room but it was more fun to set our tents up and cook over a campfire. Although it would have been nice to travel beyond UT., AZ., ID., WY., and CA., we did not regret not giving our kids more expensive vacations. Someday, we told them, they might earn enough money to travel to the east coast or even abroad to Europe for cultural experiences. Hawaii was never on our trip wish list.
    The family vacation that meant the most to us was going to California, where I was born and grew up to show our teens the ocean at Monterey beach, Monterey Bay Aquarium, lighthouse, Bay Area, and giant Sequoia trees, Yosemite National Park, and other places, as well as some cemeteries where my grandparents and other relatives were buried. It was expensive for us, even more fun than our trip to Yellowstone. We grew closer together sharing reflections and stress-free, happy memories.


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