Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Project Piece | Gospel Living


Finishing the Book of Mormon

Participation in EFY

Kid church attendance

Most important influence on kids' Church activity

Enriching temple visits 

Temple attendance with young kids

Paying for LDS missions

Theories that challenge faith

Toys in Sacrament Meeting

Church callings vs. family responsibilities

Sundays on vacation

Teaching kids to fast

Living the gospel


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  1. Among many things, getting involved in our girls' Primary lessons and activities, especially when I served as Primary Pres. for about a year, helped and influenced them, also reading scriptures and sharing my testimony. We served in many callings, and I was Girls' Camp leader, R.S. teacher, and Joe served in Scouting. The experiences our girls gained from church and community service really strengthened their testimonies, now they serve in their campus singles' ward. Compassionate service is something every kid can learn as they grow.


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