Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Project Piece | Parents' Lives


Resolving Disagreements

Financial Self-Reliance

Couple Fights and Resolutions

Marriage While Raising Kids 

Modeling Marriage

Parent Disclosure

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  1. Though Joe and I did not rebel against our church teachings as teens, my younger siblings did, and a few of Joe's 10 siblings did. My rebellion was about having more liberal political views, but I never crossed the line. We taught our kids "What is popular is not always good, and what's good is not always popular." They knew they could choose to follow bad examples and influences, or look up to people who were outstanding role models, which they chose as good examples. Educating them about drugs, sex ed (protection, not just abstinence), addictive substances and habits, etc. was crucial to the wise choices they made. My younger brother served 2 terms in the Utah State Prison for drugs and my sister became a single, unmarried mom, and both rebelled against our high standards. Yes, we talked to our daughters about it and warned them that there are serious consequences to rebellion! We're thankful that they never experimented with destructive habits and lifestyles.


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