Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Project Piece | Parents' Marriage


(Links to answers to each question will be listed here.)

Upcoming Questions:

What have you fought about the most and how have you resolved those things?

Have one or both of you had issues with anger and how did you improve it?

Do you consider yourself financially self-reliant (owning assets with little debt, sustainable income through retirement)? If so, what are the most important things you did to get there?

How did you make final decisions when you disagreed?

How did you normalize your relationship after a fight?

What kinds of things did you do to enrich your marriage when you were raising kids?

Did you take spouse-only vacations when you were raising kids? How often? Do you think it was worth it?

What are some of your favorite memories shared together?

What are some of your most difficult memories shared together, and what did you learn?

How did you successfully enrich the sexual/physical part of your marriage when you were raising kids?

What spiritual/religious activities did you do together and how did that help your marriage?

Did you / do you have any traditions involving just the two of you (not your kids)?

What enriches your marriage now that you're older, especially if you're empty-nesters?

What did you do to help your relationship survive tragedy/difficulties?

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