Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dealing with Anger

Question: If you had kids who had a hard time dealing with anger appropriately, how did you help them?


For some reason most parents said there were no issues with this. It makes me want to explore what the underlying causes for anger may be that these parents avoided.


Karen and Lance

We had one child who bit the neighbor girl on the back. He didn't break the skin, but the mom was so angry that she bit him back and he came running home crying. Her mother came and told me what she had done, well, he never did it again. Don't know if that was right or not, but it worked. We didn't let anger get out of hand. We tried to find out what was the matter and usually we could solve it then. We were lucky that we had other children that they could go to for comfort and we didn't have too much squabbling. Maybe we weren't there when it happened, at the time, so maybe things were not as good as I thought, but it would show up within the family when we were around, we think, if it was too bad. We were lucky to not have to deal with this so much. They would try to have their little tantrums but were squelched then. Either they would have a time on the couch, until they stopped crying or they would be taken away from the situation. We would try and distract them from whatever was causing the problem. If it's gotten early enough, most of the time it can be stopped. Good luck in your endeavors. Keep trying and don't give up. They must know what "no" means.

Rachel (and Bennett)

We did not have an unusual problem with anger among our kids.  They were, of course, at times, angry with each other, but I always encouraged them to talk things out.  I can't remember anger management being much of a problem.

Cynthia and Brad
For some unknown reason, that was not a problem. Thank you, God.

Abigail (and Martin)

Sorry, my kids all dealt with anger quite well.  It was I, the mom, who had issues. :)

Marsha (and Richard)
I didn’t really have this issue to deal with but sympathize with those who do.  I have had a grandson, but never was involved in handling it.

Next week's question: Did you address any potential or real issues with masterbation or pornography with your kids? If so, how was it handled? What advice do you have?

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