Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mom Working

Question: Did Mom work for monetary compensation at any point when raising kids? If so, how old were the kids during this time and how many hours per week were worked? How do you think it affected your family?


It would be more conclusive if we had gotten more answers to this question, but of those we got, none worked full time until their kids were in high school and most didn't work at all until at least that point.


Cynthia (and Brad)
I taught school one semester after my first child was born because it was an absolute necessity. No frills were involved. I also taught school for one semester after my second child was born. I stayed home with the four children until the youngest was 16, at which time I had two in college and one on a mission. The first time was a necessity, but I know my child was taken care of by a loving person. The second time was NOT a necessity and I know my kids  would have been better off at home with me, but in my foolishness, I thought we needed the extra cash, but after all the expenses were paid, the amount of money was very small. I regret that decision. The third time, I wouked in a dental office for six years and it really helped with all the college and mission expenses and my youngest was the only one at home at age sixteen and she got along just fine. Summary, I am so grateful for all the time I was able to spend being a homemaker and stay at home mom. It is DEFINITELY worth giving up the little extras that we all think we need, but in retrospect, we could have done with out. My kids are much better for it. Make sure you determine what is a necessity and what is not.

Danielle (and Jake)
Mom occasionally cared for kindergartners in the neighborhood because older sibs were gone all day and they just need a place to go until older ones could care for them at home.  I always enjoyed the pocket money this gave me.

At one point, I worked about 15 hours, on my own time, to keep neighborhood newspaper carriers staffed.  It paid me $1 per week per route, which was $53 total.  It was perfect  because I worked from home.  It helped fill in the gaps, I was home with my children who were elementary age and pre school at the time.  It was hard.  I definitely did it for the money, no glamour involved.

Karen and Lance
Mom worked when the last two boys were in high school as Dad would be able to pick them up from school and Mom would be home by the time the boys came home. It was a full time job. It didn't affect our family at all since the older children were in college or married and the boys were involved in sports until after 5:00 PM. Mom was able to fix dinner and we could all eat together before other activities started.

Marsha (and Richard)
I have never worked outside the home and am so very grateful that my husband felt this was his full responsibility and was able to fulfill it.  It was never really a consideration or, if I did suggest it in trying financial times, he did not entertain the idea.  I worked full time in the home and that was truly my occupation and where my interests were.

We feel we were blessed for this decision as many opportunities came to my husband far beyond his basic education to make it possible for him to support our large family.  I realize, however, that this is a need in some families and I admire those women who have the challenge and work so hard to cover all the bases. I truly believe that when it is an honest need, the Lord compensates.  My mother-in-law had to work but her heart was always with her children and they knew it.
I don’t think it hurt them a bit.  They appreciated her efforts to bless their lives both by her work and her love.

Rachel (and Bennett)
I did not bring in any money to our family but I figured I helped out a lot by being smart with our money, by budgeting and by smart shopping, and by sewing and by cooking from scratch, and by gardening.

Kenneth and Catherine
Mom was a stay at home mother and now grandmother and that has been a marvelous blessing for our family.  The result has been that our daughters have been stay at home mothers which is a great blessing for our grandchildren.

Next week's question: If you had kids who had a hard time dealing with anger appropriately, how did you help them?


  1. Pretty disappointed by these one-sided insights. I really would have liked to have heard the perspective of a working (outside the home) mom. It especially would have been great to hear from a mother with a serious career. These women have to exist somewhere!

    1. I would love to have gotten more answers as well in order to really get a look at how families are affected (for good or bad) by mom having a serious career. However, we are going about this a bit "backwards" - defining benchmarks that the kids reached and asking these specific parents (whose kids reached those benchmarks) what they did that may have contributed to the kids getting there. It's hard to say what causes what.


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