Sunday, December 23, 2012

Temple attendance when kids are under two years old

Question: How did you make it to the temple with children under two years old?


As far as addressing the difficulty of attending the temple when you have little ones, suggestions are:

Fit attendance in between feedings

Go near bedtime so kids don't miss out on much mommy/daddy time

Have older siblings babysit

Make it a habit, even if you take a bit of time off for a new baby

Let your mother / mother-in-law do the work for the dead while you're tied down with work for the living :)


Karen (and Lance)
When we got married, my husband had 3 jobs so it was virtually impossible for us to go to the temple at that time. We had to leave the children with his mother or mine sometimes, but he needed his rest. We had custody of two children ages 6 and 9 when we got married, which were his from a previous marriage. As they got older we were able to leave the children with them and we would then visit the temple each Friday. We did have two children, at that time, between us also. It was so nice to be able to get away and enjoy ourselves at the temple. The temple was about 1/2 hour away and it was bedtime for the little ones so it wasn't that hard for the children.

Danielle (and Jake)

My mother, who passed away in April, made a deal with all her kids that while we had nursing babies, she would do our work for the dead if we would do the work for her living....namely her grandkids.  No guilt.  I never worried. 

Marsha (and Richard)

We made it a habit to attend the temple once a month.  That sometimes did not happen right after a new baby was born but we arranged for babysitters so we could go and, since we live close to a temple, we could usually fit it into the time frame between feedings.  Some of our children take turns going to the temple so one parent can tend while the other attends. That works too.

Kenneth and Catherine
We generally used baby sitters until their older sister could perform that duty.  We always make it to the temple and now all of our children are regular attendees.

Cynthia (and Brad)
One of our interesting stories---We lived in Germany and our children were ages 6 mos., 2 1/2, 6, and 8. We had a pickup camper. We traveled 6 hrs.  to the Swiss temple, where we had been sealed one year previously. There we camped out in the temple parking lot for two nights, took our kids inside the temple to the nursery, and did endowments. They were very accommodating in those days, to travelers.  After that,  in Kansas, and Illinois, we were too far away to ever be able to make it. When we moved to Indiana, we were 12 hrs. away, and left our children with local members and traveled 12 hrs. to Washington DC. I realize that not everyone could afford to pay someone to stay with their children, so you would have to work a "pay back" system.

Next week's question:
When you experienced problems/tragedy (death, difficult move, financial reversal), how did you help your kids successfully deal with it?

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