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Finishing the Book of Mormon

Question: How did you encourage your children to finish the Book of Mormon on their own and at what age?


Most do not seem to have personally encouraged their children to complete the Book of Mormon before they attended Seminary.

Update: We got two additional answers that talked about using illustrated scriptures and when the kids were young and well as a novel that piqued their interest.


Abigail (and Martin)
Our children have always been good readers of the Book of Mormon.  I think that is because when they were small they were read to nightly from the book...a children's  version.  It is a very nice set and cost a quite a bit when things were financially tight, but we felt it was an important and necessary item to have in our home.

Mary (and Robert)
I don't recall getting the kids to start reading the Book of Mormon on their own.  It was really their own doing, but I do remember when our youngest son became interested.  He was probably 10 years old and my brother came to town just before Christmas.  He bought each of the kids a book and the one he gave this child was Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites.  He was so taken with the story that one snowy, stormy Sunday he left us visiting after church and walked home.  We found him under a blanket lying on the heat register and reading his book.  When he was finished with the book he began to read the scriptures to get a first hand account of the adventure he had just finished.
To be honest, after I read the story I also went back to find the story directly from the scriptures and for the first time really enjoyed some of the war sections in the Book of Mormon.

Kenneth and Catherine
All of our children read the Book of Mormon on their own as they attended seminary.  We also read the Book of Mormon in our morning scripture reading and family prayer.  We started with an illustrated set of books when our children were young.

Cynthia (and Brad)
Boy, that has been so long ago, I can't remember. But the one time I am sure they read the whole thing through was when they were in seminary and it was the year for it. All four finished seminary so I know that time for sure.And that took only encouragement for seminary.

Daniel and Barbara
Usually our children started reading on their own with the goal to finish the Book of Mormon when they were in seminary and in the YW and YM's programs.  Perhaps a few of them had that goal before they were baptized. 

Jane (and Samuel)
I think they just did it on their own.  We followed through on church, frequent home evenings, institute and Seminary and mission plans and sometimes daily book of mormon reading as a family.  They read the Book of Mormon when it became important to them and they all did read it. The out of the church child says she read it many times....Who you are with makes such a difference on how you perceive what was previously important and essential. 

Danielle (and Jake)
Seminary was the biggest blessing in the lives of our children when it came to reading the BOM.  We read as a family, sporadically, depending on our lives and who was on a mission....we did best when we had children serving missions.  There was never any pressure from us to read independently.  My children left me in the dust as far as the scriptures are concerned, years ago.  They are my heroes.

I loved President Hinckleys challenge a few years back to read the BOM by the end of the year.  I love that Man.

Karen and Lance
We think they were encouraged by their teachers in those days. There was no great emphasis on reading the Book of Mormon. Today we would very much encourage the reading as the Book is such a help in solving some of the daily problems of today.

Next week's question: What values and/or talents did you really try to emphasize in your family and why?

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