Sunday, May 5, 2013


We've loved the last year and a half that we've had with this wonderful panel of parents to share advice with us. We've decided to give the group a rest but who knows, maybe we'll be back someday with more questions. :) We feel it has been an extremely beneficial project for us and for others. We hope it has benefited you.

A few parents wanted to share some last comments:

Brianne (and Spencer)
I know it is hard, hard work parenting, but I would go back to those days in a heartbeat.  They grow up far to fast, and keeping house alone is no fun, even if it does stay clean.

Daniel and Marissa
Always speak in the positive. If you criticize make sure it's the action the child is doing, not the child themselves.  Remind them of the kind, goodly deeds they have done. It makes them feel like you remembered them in days gone by, and their deeds are real good and noticed.  People should remember the good others do, and throw away the mistakes which really aren't intentional; the circumstances in the past happened too quickly for them to respond in a righteous manner.  Don't be afraid to tell stories of your own experiences. And do tell stories of other people. Hey, each one of us makes plenty of mistakes, but we must learn from them.  Look forward to the end goal of our existence. Talk to your children not as a father, but talk like your Bishop would talk to them, controlled. And if you're a woman, talk like the Relief Society Pres. would talk to them. It's necessary to talk, but not to allow your feelings to do the talking.

Daniel (and Barbara)
We appreciate your project.  You have done a lot of work.  It was fun reading the other comments.  I agreed with just about all of them.  It looks like other people have great kids too.

Karen and Lance
We never had an instruction book, we just mostly winged it. Hope the advice will help you better.

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